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Talking Tapirs

Tapirs are the largest land mammals in Central and South America, with the Baird’s Tapir, Tapirus bairdii, being the largest of them all. Last year, in Costa Rica, I came across my first wild specimen, and it was an experience I will never forget. Tapirs have enthralled me since I was small boy: I knew all about them from an early age, and I still have the small plastic model of a tapir that was bought for me when I was just a 7 year old, for me being good – it must have been a rare event! 🙂

Today these wonderful creatures are highly vulnerable and in danger of extinction, mainly due to the fact some people have no respect for their lives nor the fragile rainforest habitat where they live.

Thankfully some people do care, and care a great deal. Estaban Brenes-Mora is a Costa Rican biologist and committed conservationist who is passionate about saving tapirs and other rainforest mammals in need of protection. Esteban is the founder and director of Nai Conservation: a research group focused on mammals from the Highlands of Costa Rica and particular the Cordillera de Talamanca, one of the most biologically diverse and important ‘wildlife corridors’ in Central America.

I invited Esteban to come to Manchester to discuss ways in which we might support their conservation work and for him to present a special guest lecture. Esteban kindly agreed, and will soon be joining us to share an overview of the work being conducted by Nai Conservation and present data collected during their latest study of tapir ecology.

His presentation, which is open for all to attend, including students, university staff, and members of the public, will be hosted by the University of Manchester and will take place at Manchester Museum at 6.30pm on 2nd May, 2017.  Join us for a fascinating insight into the lives of these unusual creatures – it would be great to have you there!

Save the Date or Reserve your seat now here:  tapir.eventbrite.com

Nai Conservation                  ZSL                   Baird’s Tapirs at Reaseheath College 

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