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Merry Christmas, and beyond

img_246195What a year its been! .. changes to make many of us think  – What IS the World coming to.

Well, maybe it is coming to fulfil its natural progression.

Whilst celebrating my Birthday in the heart of Manchester last week, amid the bustling city life that now prepares for Christmas and the intense urban environment that I usually do my best to stay clear of, a good friend reminded me that just as other animals create their home and shape their environment to suit, we humans are no different: The technology, the ‘advanced’ way we live our lives in the man-made environment we have created, is no different. He asked me what the difference was between ‘man made’ and ‘natural’? A good question seeing that we are animals. Maybe its the child-grown zoologist in me that doesn’t let me separate humans and animals so easily, but I think recognising that connection is something that can really help give things perspective: it can help aid an understanding, forgiveness, huge appreciation, and a deep care for what we hold dear.

Truth is, we humans are the worst thing ever for the planet, where all life has a right to live. Sadly, we cannot help ourselves. We are only human after all, as the song goes. If the way we think, treat each other, is simply based on what we experience and our human traits then why are we so surprised that our world is evolving as it is..

photo36Humans feature in but a very short chapter in the history of the world. As a new year unfolds, let us all hope it brings with it a greater understanding between people, different cultures, and also a fuller appreciation of the other wonders of nature we share our precious time with on this planet. It is still a beautiful world.

2017 … Bring it on!

With all best wishes,

Andrew x

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