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Our visit to the Vivarium

On the 22nd of August, after having had contact with Andrew for over a year, we finally went to visit the Vivarium in Manchester. After dropping our stuff at the Chancellor’s Hotel, we met at the Museum. We discussed many things involving our thesis project, the Vivarium itself and the work that is currently done there. Afterwards, we went to the Vivarium and got a tour backstage, where we got to meet all the species that are currently being kept at the Vivarium. The frogs and toads look very healthy and well-taken care of.

The next day, Andrew and Adam took us to the Lake District National Park, to look for herpetofauna in the English scenery. The weather was perfect! We found quite some slow worms, adders, lizards and toads in the field! Here in the Netherlands, you can’t find this many slow worms in one area!

On our last day, we went to the Museum again, this time to view everything the Museum has to offer. What a great job they have done on involving the visitors, allowing us to really want to understand the science found there. We said our goodbyes to Adam, and received a beautiful painting of the Lemur leaf frog, which currently holds a very special place in our living room.
How fortunate we are to have met such passionate and generous people. Andrew and Adam truly want what’s best for herpetofauna and the global environment. We can’t wait to go there again soon!

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