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The Toad that broke the mould..

Costa Rican Endemic Toad, Incilius chompipe (c) Andrew R. Gray

Endemic Costa Rican Toad, Incilius chompipe (c) Andrew R. Gray

Once in a blue moon something comes along to change our way of thinking. Currently I am still in Costa Rica – it seems apt, as a research paper about a rare amphibian here has just been published.

We all know that toads from Central America lay their eggs in strings, in water, as is a typical characteristic of the group. Well Adam and I have been working with a very unusual high altitude species of toad that lives in the volcanic mountains of Costa Rica. Researching the breeding biology of this rare species for the first time in the world, we have bred the species in captivity in The Vivarium, and as a result have been able to highlight a remarkable new reproduction mode in Central American toads….

I. chompipe within the egg (c) Andrew R. Gray

I. chompipe within the egg (c) Andrew R. Gray

Incilius chompipe toads don’t follow the rule – their tadpoles and young fully develop in single eggs laid out of water, before hatching as full formed little miniatures of the adults!

This finding represents the first confirmation of direct development within the egg for any toad throughout the whole of Mesoamerica. Its significance within the field of neotropical herpetology is far reaching and we are both very pleased to be able to share it with you..

Gray, A. R, and Bland A. W, Notes on the reproduction of the endemic Costa Rican Toad, Incilius chompipe (Anura; Bufonidae). Mesoamerican Herpetology. June 2016, Volume 3, Number 2. 

2 Responses

  1. wow fabulous, congratulations on your research, ❤ from Australia.

  2. I think the work you are doing is amazing !! I live in Manchester and visit the vivarium often to remaind me of of our frogs. I use to have a toad that lived in the house and ate all the insects wit its long tonge. I am from El Salvador my mother language is Spanish.

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