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Love of light

RainbowI love light. Whether that be sunlight on the face, candlelight on bare skin, the infra-red reflection of light from a frog, or the last rays of the setting sun casting its magic upon whatever they fall. Light has the power to transform, to make things glow, to help things survive, to create life. It also has the power to create shadows, to form contrast, reflections to help mirror, and rainbows to colour grey skies.

I recently got a new camera as a gift from a good friend and it has sparked a new interest in a little more serious photography. It’s something I had forgotten how much I enjoy. Mainly I love to photograph things that are living, catching a moment with someone special, a beautiful creature, an emotion. Light is always a key factor.

P1120072aRather than a living landscape, I have just experienced a very different one. A very hot and mountainous one, where unusual rock formations allow for a very different look through the lens – strange silhouettes, shadows of all shapes and sizes, and beautiful backdrops against bright blue skies. Here’s a selection of pictures just taken, from island shore to its dry core. Click to view.

NB. It seems it can prove more difficult to be able see yourself in a different light!


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