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Lacertid Lizards

IMG_5179It seems i’m not the only occasional lounge lizard to thoroughly enjoy the heat of the sun on their back. For as the sun rises here, the reptiles wake and let its rays soak into them all day.

Lizards of the family Lacertidae are no exception and are out basking at any opportunity. Most are small to medium-sized lizards, but some on the islands where I am at the moment can reach almost 50cm!

Copywrite Andrew GrayAll are very similar in the way they look, with slender bodies and long tails, but have highly varied patterns and colours, even within the same species. I have seen many during this trip but many of the larger, rarer species are now highly endangered, due to their isolated restricted populations and through the introduction of domesticated animals, such as cats to the islands.

Most of the lizards are insectivorous but many will also readily eat fruit when available.



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