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Wired and Wild

Final Flyer.2jpgTomorrow sees the launch of our new environmental education project ‘Learning with Lucy’, which is aimed at primary school aged children. Apart from working with Short form, who produced our videos for that project, we have also been working with Salford University to produce other films aimed at the same age group.

One such project involves ‘Wired and Wild’ and the use of puppets to engage children in the subject. The whole team from Wired and Wild, as well as the producers of all the films, will be with us at the launch tomorrow evening where we will be pleased to have the opportunity to thank them personally for all their support. If you are a local school then why not find out more about what Wired and Wild can offer you HERE.



Wired and Wild        Wired and Wild Team      Salford University Film Production

Back from the brink

photo[64]Its amazing how some things pushed to their limits can bounce back better for it and even stronger than before in no time at all.

Last weekend I took time out to plant a new Biorb i’ve had sat around for a while with some small orchids that have been sat on my bathroom window ledge, ashamed to say a little neglected. They looked almost dead.

photo[65]Well, it seems they appreciated the change and new conditions the week brought. They are coming round to be as good as new, in fact within the past few days all are starting to flower and now look stunning.

An amazing turnaround – all now set for a blooming good future! 🙂


Cold climate carnivores

This winter has been far too wet and windy in England, but here in Sweden there’s thick snow on the ground and it really feels like a proper winter should. Some areas in Sweden over the past few days have reached 46 degrees below freezing, but here in Nordens Ark, just a chilly minus 14!

P4260179These temperatures are no problem for most of the animals here, as Nordens Ark works to save and preserve endangered animals which mainly come from climates very similar to that in Scandinavia. Many of the large carnivores here thrive under such cold conditions, and today I was lucky enough to experience and photograph several of my favourites. These included the normally nocturnal European lynx, the only feline native to Sweden, the wolverine, the wolf, and the beautiful snow leopard.

It was really wonderful to see all these animals at such close quarters and particularly the snow leopards –  the high mountains of Central Asia are the home of the snow leopard, one of the world’s most mysterious cats. It is well adapted to life in the extreme cold of the mountains and so secretive they were once thought to be a myth, earning the name ‘Ghost Cat’ because of being almost impossible to see in the wild.

P4260109I would like to give a special thanks to the keepers and management of Nordens Ark for allowing me the privilege of experiencing these wonderful creatures so close up and for their hospitality throughout my stay. Soon it will be time for me to leave, but beforehand I look forward to seeing another feline favourite that enjoys the cold, the world’s largest cat, the Amur tiger.

Hope you enjoy some pictures from today below (please click to enlarge)

All images (c) Andrew Gray

Frogs for the Ark

Lemur Leaf Frog (c) Chris Mattisson

Lemur Leaf Frog (c) Chris Mattisson

At the moment I am visiting Norden’s Ark on Sweden’s west coast, a truly wonderful place and an important collaborator in the Lemur Leaf Frog Project. Over the past 18 months they have been working hard to build a new facility especially for maintaining Lemur frogs that form part of the official ex-situ breeding programme established to help conserve the species for the future.

IMG_4964One of the key members of staff  here for overseeing these rare amphibians is Kristofer Forsater, a very dedicated keeper who has a great amount of experience in keeping and breeding amphibians.


It is a real pleasure to be working with Norden’s Ark and we are very grateful for all their valuable continued support.