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Learning with Lucy

Lucy MarlandLearning with Lucy is a new Environmental Education project being officially launched at Manchester Museum by His Excellency H.E. Enrique Castillo, the Ambassador of Costa Rica. Aimed at Primary school level learning, and featuring Lucy Marland and the conservation of the Lemur Leaf Frog, this project is supported visually by a series of 3 short videos (which I invite you to watch below), classroom activity worksheets, etc. It is available in both English and Spanish Languages.

IMG_70809 year old Lucy has joined forces with us at The University of Manchester after coming face to face with a Lemur Leaf Frog at Manchester Museum. The project aims to educate primary age school children in the UK and in the Guayacan region of Costa Rica, where the frog still survives, about the amphibian and its habitat.

Backing the campaign, Sir David Attenborough said: “I wholeheartedly support Manchester Museum’s campaign, headed by Lucy Marland, to save the Lemur Leaf Frog. It is after all, one of the world’s most unusual and rarest amphibians – and it is in real trouble.”




 Learning with Lucy            Education in Costa Rica           Sponsor a Lemur Frog

5 Responses

  1. I’m well impressed ,well done ,good Luck Lucy,with your future work🐸

  2. Hello Lucy,
    Denise here a friend of your Grandad, if you remember I gave Fern to your Grandad.
    Lucy I have had a read of all the work you have been doing, you have done a brilliant job, Lucy keep up the good work as I will be back to have a look and read how you are getting along with the frogs.
    Anyway for now have a wonderful Christmas and take care … Denise xx

  3. Hi Lucy

    I saw your grandad out walking with my dogs and he told me all about the good work you are doing,well done keep it up I will check in again very soon. Elaine

    • hi lucy,
      hope you enjoyed your special day last week,a signed photo of david attenborough thats really special. keep up the good work with the frogs your grandad keeps me updated.

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