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COP21 – the time is now

The UN climate change conference that’s just starting in Paris represents the culmination of decades of complex climate negotiations that first began in 1992. The COP21, as the conference is known, may well be the endgame – our last, best chance to achieve a global, legally binding climate agreement.

Although we desperately need to curb fossil fuel emissions, put a price on carbon, and drive investments in climate-smart practices and technologies, a Paris treaty must take a much bolder approach than simply reducing fossil fuel emissions if it is to make a real difference.

CVASDB3UsAAUNtCIn most of the world, deforestation and agriculture generate far more greenhouse gas emissions than the burning of fossil fuels. Beyond fossil fuel reduction, world leaders must prioritize smart and sustainable land use.

carbondioAs well as to reducing emissions, better land usage is imperative for a sustainable and fair global economy, and protecting the world’s rapidly disappearing forests, habitats and species. The major role forests play in climate protection is now so widely acknowledged that hundreds of major companies have promised to eliminate deforestation from their supply chains. As COP21 begins, we hope those attending fully recognise the crucial role rainforests play in the future of our planet. Its not exactly US military rocket science..

#COP21            COP21 – Paris. ORG           21 RAINFOREST FACTS

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