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My time at the vivarium

photo[3]My name is Kirsty and if you have visited the vivarium within the past few weeks you may have seen me helping out the other members of staff here. I am about to finish studying my foundation degree in zoo management and in order to gain my degree I needed to complete a five week work placement, which is what I have been doing here at the vivarium. Before starting my placement, I already had an interest in herpetology as a hobby and even keep some reptiles at home.

In my past experience I have mainly worked with reptiles and by working at the vivarium I have managed to gain much more knowledge on keeping amphibians.

Conservation is another one of my main interests and it was great to learn about the conservation projects that the vivarium are a part of.

photo[1]The experience of working within a collection that is so focused on conservation helped me learn a lot more about how ex situ breeding projects work and how valuable these projects are. I also got to work with species I had never even heard of before!

While I have been here I have been helping with a range of different things including maintaining the vivariums and helping with some of the animal handling sessions.

photoIt was interesting to learn how the collection at the vivarium varies from other animal collections I have worked with previously and in the future I want to carry on working with endangered reptiles and amphibians, hopefully both in the wild and in captivity. The experience I have gained during my time here at the vivarium will come in very useful when pursuing my future career options.

Finally, I want to say a big thank you to all of the staff here at the vivarium for helping me have the best experience possible and teaching me so much that I didn’t know about these amazing animals.