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And so we begin

IMG_0943Fantastic to be back in Costa Rica, and at the moment we are just settling into our accommodation, assessing the local area, and had our first day in the field as part of the course. We have a great bunch of students this year and they seem thrilled to be out here experiencing everything we come across. Based back at the Turrilatico in the highlands, yesterday they spend the day working on their field books and last night I took the first group down to the Costa Rican Amphibian Research Centre to meet and go out into the rainforest at night with Brian Kubicki.

IMG_1032It was a wonderful first night and introduction to the rainforest for the group and I hope some the images I was able take share the excitement and experience some of our students had during their first day of the field course. We head out again tonight with the second group and I will be adding more images tomorrow in the hope of sharing more of what they see!


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2 Responses

  1. Reading your posts with interest, Andrew and looking at all the photos. How wonderful it must be to see those fabulous frogs in the wild, in their own habitat. I hope your students know how lucky they are – I have a long and curly-haired 9 year old who would gladly swap places! Marie

  2. Hi Marie, thanks for message, been a great trip and the students have seen so much. we must make sure she has a place on such a field course in the future! Filming has been good also, Davids got some super footage for the piece. just got washed out of La Selva due to flash flooding! look forward to catching up with you all soon. love to all, Andrew

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