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Happy Easter!


Newborn chameleon loves the leaves made by pupils of Trinity and St Michaels.

Most people associate Easter with the birth of spring lambs and chicks – but in our house its something different..  Last week we had an unexpected surprise – the birth of 12 baby Jackson’s chameleons! After months of speculation as to whether our pigmy female was just fat with wind, she finally gave birth. What an amazing sight, the tiniest of chameleons, everywhere!

Last week was a fantastic week in many ways, ending in the BHS herpetological symposium, which was very well received. It was a pleasure hosting it and I would sincerely like to thank all those who attended, the other speakers, and the BHS for their most welcome support of our Lemur Frog Project.


Chameleon by Esmee, Reception, Trinity and St Michaels

Midweek, I also had the opportunity to teach at a local school, and share all about Costa Rica, one of my favourite places. The whole school welcomed me and all the pupils and staff were absolute stars. It was wonderful to teach so many enthusiastic and well-behaved children. It really was a pleasure to visit Trinity and St Michaels Primary School with all the animals. Thank you so much to all the children who have shown their appreciation, I loved the card! Maybe more from them soon, but for now, let me sure some of their pics and from us and our new baby chameleons, we wish you all a Very Happy Easter!

TRINITY AND ST MICHAELS                BHS                  MUJI CHAMELEONS

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