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Treasure Tibet

Nanorana pleskei; Tibetan Frog

Nanorana sp (c) Todd Pierson, kind permission of for frogblogmanchester.com

The evolution of Tibetan frogs belonging to the genus Nanorana parallels the geological changes that have occurred in the area, and thus adapted many millions of years ago to be able to survive in cold, high altitude, oxygen-poor conditions. Tibet itself, its flora and fauna, its landscapes, and particularly its people, with their unique spiritual culture, are distinctly special.

Tibet was declared independent from China over 100 years ago, but what effects Tibet today started with the Chinese People’s Liberation Army invading it in 1950. Hundreds of thousands of Monks, Nuns and civilians were imprisoned or killed for wearing traditional hairstyles and clothing, engaging in traditional song or dance, or voicing their religious beliefs. Any related rituals were strictly prohibited and anything representing the cultural identity of the Tibetan people was eradicated.

438March 10th is an important date for Tibetans, for on March 10th, 1959, thousands of Tibetans in Tibet rose up against China’s occupation of their country that had begun some 10 years previously. The uprising failed with huge loss of life, and the Dalai Lama was forced to escape into exile. Since that day, the anniversary of what became known as the Tibetan National Uprising has been marked by Tibetans in exile and – very often – by Tibetans in Tibet.

tibetan_1735964cThe Tibetan National Flag is now a symbol of freedom and resistance. It is still banned in Tibet today, but hundreds were defiantly flown throughout Tibet in the 2008 uprising, to amplify the people’s call for freedom. The flag is something that unites all Tibetans in their desire to help bring change on the ground inside Tibet.

So far, China has killed an estimated 1 million Tibetans, with 250,000 killed in prisons and labour camps. Their persecution continues. If you would like to help, then maybe you too would like to show your support for freedom and justice for Tibet and express solidarity with Tibetans inside Tibet by participating in the Tibet Freedom March and Rally this Saturday in London, or perhaps at one of the other events listed HERE.


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