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Lucy’s post – why I want to be a zoologist when I grow up

Hi my name is Lucy. I am 9 years old and I love frogs! I started to love frogs after my visit to Manchester Museum in the amphibian section last summer. This is how it all started… Andrew gave us a guided tour of amphibians and reptiles. It was amazing, because I got to hold lots of different frogs and reptiles. The first one I held was an American toad, then I fed the toad a live cricket. The next frog I held was the prettiest thing I have ever seen! At first the Red Eyed Leaf Frog was asleep in a pretty weird shape.

Lucy making friends with her favourite frog

Me making friends with my favourite frog

When it hopped timidly onto my hand, I realized that frogs are not what I expected. I started to grow in confidence, when suddenly it jumped up my arm. I knew we were becoming friends. The next thing I knew I was holding a baby Python, although it didn’t bite! At first I was scared, but I learnt it wouldn’t bite me.


Andrew asked me if I wanted to feed a chameleon. I really was daring to do it, so I decided to have a go. He gave me a live locust and we went over to the vivarium and the chameleon ate it all up. Since then I have loved the facts and history of frogs and now I want to be a zoologist too and help to save frogs and other endangered animals like Andrew and his friends at Manchester University!