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Solving a Mystery

Young or old, everybody loves a mystery – and everybody enjoys solving one..

Just this week I had a gentleman contact me from the beautiful green island of Corfu with a story involving a mystery that had caused him a great amount of bewilderment:

“The Cat that Killed the Snake that Saved the Snakes Life”


Four-lined snake (c) D Mulder

To his wife’s horror, the man concerned had found a young four-lined snake at their home. He was an avid photographer and so after taking several shots he rushed to get a better lens for his camera. Whilst doing so, their cat promptly pounced on, and, after some tussling, killed the snake stone dead…

After some time, the snake began to move.. but it was dead for sure. However, it moved, and moved, and moved. The man and his wife were totally puzzled by the mystery of the moving dead snake.


Whip snake emerges (c) D Mulder

Then, to both their complete amazement, another snake’s head appeared from the mouth of the first snake and a smaller snake emerged unscathed to slither off…  A small whip snake had just been eaten by the predatory snake the cat had killed. Amazing, but true. How the snake survived, and turned itself around inside the other to come out head first is another mystery that remains unsolved..

If you or your children would be interested in perhaps solving other interesting mysteries for themselves, just ask them to click on the image below to get them started!

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 15.30.44

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