Christmas Quiz!

Whilst I was travelling this year a good friend of mine tested my knowledge by asking if I knew about a very unusual creature indeed…

The animal in question can be seen in the short clip below – perhaps you know what it might be?..



Please use the comment box below this post if you know what type of creature that is!

frog-with-a-question-mdTalking of testing peoples knowledge, maybe you might also be interested in a little Christmas quiz  – the first prize for answering all the questions correctly is a behind the scenes tour of the Vivarium at Manchester Museum for you and a friend, anytime in the New Year. It’s free to enter and the closing date of the quiz is New Years Day. Second prize is a wonderful book on Frogs and Toads of the World by Chris Mattison (this can also be chosen by the 1st prize winner if you do not live in the UK).

So – lets see how much you know about frogs, the Vivarium at Manchester Museum, and the people who contribute to frogblogmanchester?..

Vivarium Christmas Quiz 


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