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Frogs and Physics

IMG_9613Since returning from Costa Rica I’ve have been busy teaching on several courses, including the University’s AGMS course. This is an Art Gallery and Museum studies Masters course for graduate students, and the session was a real pleasure to deliver.

This past week I have also been working in collaboration with my colleague from the Photon Science Institute, Mark Dickinson, to deliver an A-Level Study Day based around our frog research interests – and it’s been great fun for all involved! The session allowed students to get to learn all about how animals use colour, which has included investigating our live specimens from the vivarium and also spending time in the Photon Science Institute.

IMG_9607Following a morning sessions in the Museum, where the pupils got to learn all about the frogs and had an introduction to the physics behind the colour of animals, this afternoon  the pupils used hi-tech spectrometers, Infra-red cameras, and thermal imaging equipment. They learnt how the use of the equipment helps us to understand reptile thermoregulation and the optical properties of amphibian skin.

The collaboration draws on the expertise and resources of both our departments, and today supported the learning of students from Blue Coats School in Oldham.


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We hope everyone from the school enjoyed their visits and would like to say a big thank you to Emily Robinson, Kayleigh Rose, Francisco Herrerias, Hanna Radtke and Adam Bland who helped support the study days.

Blue Coats School             Photon Science Institute             Sun-loving frogs

3 Responses

  1. Thanks for doing this day. I liked using the different equipment to learn about the leaf frog.

  2. thank you for a good day !. very interesting and I enjoyed holding all the frogs and snakes.

  3. Just had chance to look at the photos of a fantastic day. The students had a great time “meeting the experts” and seeing the sort of work that is possible when scientists from different disciplines collaborate.

    It is days like this that have helped the Physics Department increase our numbers of A level students 8 fold since we first came in 2011!

    Looking forward to next year.

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