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La Selva – 100% Solar

Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 16.47.40With an overall annual cost of $130,000, La Selva Biological research station’s energy needs are their largest operational costs, besides staffing. However, La Selva’s Director, Carlos de la Rosa, has been telling me that’s all about to change..

As electricity costs in Costa Rica rise a further 13%, Carlos has an exciting new sustainable strategy for La Selva, and the plan is going to transform the station from being an energy consumer to an an energy producer…

The go ahead has just been given for approximately 1,800 solar panels to be installed at La Selva, mostly over the parking lot, dinning hall, and offices, that will produce enough electricity to cover 100% of that which is being currently used by the station.

Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 16.54.50As La Selva’s other green initiatives kick in, it means that in the future they will even have surplus energy to sell. The company working with them is Solar Ing, a Costa Rican company that has already supplied their solar water heaters to support a large dormitory. As a bonus, Solar Ing will even supply La Selva with the new solar panels at cost price as an appreciated part of their social responsibility.

This wonderful news is hot of the press and the initiative will be transformational for La Selva – OTS will now not only be leading the way in supporting the study of the natural world, but will be a leading organisation committed to real sustainability and a minimised carbon footprint.


 La Selva                    Solar Ing                 Social Responsibility

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