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Carlos de la Rosa


Carlos de la Rosa by Jorge Novoa[1]Today Claes and I spent some inspirational time with Carlos de la Rosa, the Director of the La Selva Biological Station in Costa Rica. Here, he and his team run one of the most successful research and education field stations in the world, with between 250 -350 researchers from over 100 institutions visiting each year. Carlos oversees the management of the 1,600-hectare preserve and has also written several books and over 40 articles, papers and field guides on various aspects of science and conservation.

He kindly showed Claes and I the wonderful developing facilities for researchers and students here, which are now quite simply amazing. They include new PCR facilities for amplifying DNA and also new super efficient equipment for storing samples – all within a stones throw of being in the wonderful primary forest this fabulous research station is world renown for.

P2380645 2

Andrew, Carlos, and Claes

Carlos also explained about his particular specialism – aquatic insect ecology and taxonomy. His passion for sharing his interest in various aspects of science, conservation, and sustainability, is highly infectious and something really quite incredible.

A new project for him in this regard is a hands-on program of short courses for students involving real data collection that adds to real science and conservation. Below Carlos explains a little about the new programme, but if you are a teacher and would like to find out more information about these programs please contact him directly: carlos.delarosa@ots.cr


Carlos de la Rosa – Biography

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