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Care and share alike..

photo[17]This week we’ve been refurbishing one of our poison-dart frog exhibits in the Vivarium, and the newly recreated rainforest display, complete with cascade and full of strawberry dart frogs, is now ready for the weekend. Such rainforest -themed exhibits give many of our visitors, including young children, a unique opportunity to experience little-understood creatures of the rainforests’ first-hand. We hope it creates such an interest in nature for the little ones that many of them will then grow up to form a care and commitment to helping conserve such animals for the future, and especially for the places they live.

Through engaging people in different aspects about rain forests, we also hope people will realise that in conserving rain forests we are also helping support everything around us –  Yes, saving a rainforest tree might help the beautiful strawberry-pioson dart frog to raise its tadpoles in the bromeliads that grow in that tree, but in saving such a tree it also does so much more…


Saving trees is one of the best ways of saving the environment because of the extraordinary contribution that tropical forests make towards reducing carbon emissions. (c) Andrew Gray

If you cut down and burn trees, you release carbon into the atmosphere, but if you let them grow they can absorb carbon from the atmosphere. Currently the world’s trees absorb about a fifth of the carbon emissions generated by fossil fuels each year. Encouraging countries to plant trees, or discouraging them from logging, is by far the most effective way of reducing  emissions.

Currently, rich countries spend billions of pounds on renewable energy at home, but if they were willing to spend a few million pounds abroad to protect tropical forests then that would reduce emissions by a far greater amount – as well as providing us all with cleaner air to breathe!

photo[14]If you’d like to find out a little more about rain forests, so you can also share the facts with others, simply just email me your name and address and I’ll be pleased to send you out a little pack I’ve put together from different sources. I’ll also include some info on how you can help local amphibians as well as include a new lemur leaf frog postcard print that you might like.

Help spread the word about how important it is to save rainforest trees – because together we can all make a difference: andrew.gray@manchester.ac.uk

GLOBAL DEFORESTATION                                 SAVE MAHAN FOREST

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