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Fabulous frogs, coming soon..

David2 copy 2

Sir David Attenbrough with Splendid leaf Frog at Manchester Museum (c) Andrew Gray

If you’re interested in watching the latest offering from Sir David Attenborough, filmed with him in our Vivarium here at the Manchester Museum, here is a related link associated with the programme and our Lemur Leaf Frog conservation project:

BBC 2, Natural World 


Fabulous Frogs will be transmitted on BBC 2, Thursday 28th August at 9.00pm.

2 Responses

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed that Andrew ;), and you got your laugh featured on there I noticed, I would recognise that laugh anywhere! Hope you are well, long over due a catch up, will give you a call. steph 🙂 xx

  2. Hi Andrew. Luckily just back in time from holiday to catch the programme. Brilliant, fascinating, fabulous shots of the frogs in your collection. L&D avidly watched the recording when they got up the next morning and it is amazing all the facts they were able to recall. The programme has made a big impression. L in partic is very concerned about the fungus affecting the frogs. She has found a shop in town that makes vivariums – guess what’s on the Christmas list?? Congratulations on the programme and a great advert for all your work at Manchester Uni, John and Marie

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