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Urban Naturalist – newts

This weekend (Sat 31st May), Rick Parker, chairman of Bolton Conservation Volunteers will be back at the Museum between 2-4pm to enlighten us about native amphibians, their needs and requirements, and how you can develop an attractive pondlife environment for supporting them. Rick will also show our three native newts, including the Great Crested Newt. Find out how ‘Urban Naturalists’ can help to support this protected species and get some practical experience on identifying the different species of native amphibians.


Great Crested Newt, and freshly laid egg

Urban Naturalist is a series of friendly, practical workshops run by leading naturalists to help everyone explore biodiversity on their doorstep. This session is for adults and costs only £3 per person. If interested please contact the museum on 0161 275 2648 to book a place in advance.

Manchester Museum: Urban Naturalist          Froglife: Just Add Water

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