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Going Chameleoco!

Chameloco_Chameleon_03THis coming weekend (Sat 24 May) we are welcoming Chameleoco to the Manchester Museum to headline our World of Reptiles Big Saturday, which is free and open to all ages. The event starts at 11am and runs through until 4pm.

Apart from our handling table and all the reptiles on display in our Vivarium on the 2nd floor, which include species from Australia, South America and Madagascar, Chameloco and other reptile groups will also be bringing in some of their most spectacular reptiles for all to see close up and personal in our discovery centre.


Gail and Tom from Scarlet will also be providing a preview of the new Virtual Vivarium, using the Reptile Finder to get the children engaged with this super new vivarium app.  Apart from this there will also be plenty of other vivarium related activities for the children to indulge in, including reptile craft activities.

manning-iguanaFor our other visitors there will be a great opportunity for them to find out more about the prehistoric past of reptiles and see some fascinating objects from the museum’s collections, including seeing and learning about a variety of fossil reptiles, such as our many other dinosaurs. Speaking of dinosaurs, there will also be a rare opportunity to join Dr Phil Manning (pictured right with a Panther Chameleon from Chameleoco), the University of Manchester’s resident dinosaur expert, on a tour of the history of life on Earth…..all in under 1 hour!

The Fossil Gallery is the perfect place for such a ramble through the Earth’s past to the present, so maybe you would like to join Phil and even get to see a sneak preview of some very new dinosaur bones that have only just been discovered! This tour will be between 1.30 & 2.30pm in the Fossil Gallery. Its completely free, but limited to 20 places so if your local and interested please sign-up in advance & meet at the museum reception desk at 1.30 (Talk appropriate to ages 9 plus only).

la-tinto-bros-salsa-band-latin-other-bands-1488182-4551254_dia_1From 12.30 until 2pm La Tinto Bros will perform music from South America to accompany our super Big Saturday event. La Tinto Bros are Venezuelan percussionist James Vielma and Peruvian guitarist Daniel Alvarado. James plays Salsa, Merengue and other Latin rhythms on timbale, bongos, congas and does vocals whilst Daniel creates his own music – a blend of Latin pop with Salsa beats. Can’t wait to hear them, and if you catch me doing the salsa on Saturday blame it on me seeing too many fantastic chameleons from Chameleoco, and being as happy as water holding frog in the rain! 🙂


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