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Paradise shared

IMG_7083 copyToday was very special, spent with someone I  greatly admire. Sir David Attenborough was filming with us in the Vivarium.  It was such a pleasure to share time with him and show him our amphibian collection. The footage will feature in an hour-long BBC special focusing entirely on frogs and their conservation.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff who have also been involved, including my invaluable assistant Adam, and also members of our visitors services team for all their support. Here is a moment away from camera where Sir David shows his excitement in seeing our collection.

5 Responses

  1. Amazing Andrew! Can’t wait to see the documentary. Well done!

  2. Well done to Andrew and Adam. Thanks for sharing this video clip of David Attenborough interacting with the Splendid Tree Frog. Looking forward to seeing the documentary!

  3. Fantastic a programme on frogs it’s a long time since they took centre stage in their own right

  4. The MACINT students (conference interpreting) had a talk by Andrew last week and we all loved the frogs! Very interesting and interactive and really brought the topic to ´life,´ and dealt with people speaking in 5 languages!

  5. The ‘frog talk’ was awesome! It was designed to be an interpreting practice for us MACINT students, but it turned out all of interpreters were distracted by gorgeous Andrew and his frogs, snake and monitor! Really wish I could have another chance:)

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