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Merry Christmas!

photo[2]This has been a most incredible year, which has brought some amazing new experiences and also seen many personal long term aims come to fruition. I would sincerely like thank all who have supported what we are doing at Manchester, particularly our amphibian conservation and education work which is so integral to fulfilling the objectives of the  Museum’s Vivarium.

Our successes this year have been due to the support of committed colleagues, friends and family, all of whom I would like to thank most wholeheartedly. I would also sincerely like to thank all who have provided their support through their kind actions and words of encouragement, which are so much appreciated.

The development of the Costa Rican field course with my colleague Professor Amanda Bamford and Brian Kubicki, the fulfilling of major aims related to the Lemur Frog project, and the development of the new vivarium which now showcases all our work, are just some of the highlights that mean so much to me.  Below are some selected blog posts taken from the past year which I thought you might enjoy revising, but I hope you have enjoyed all the frogblog entries this year and you look forward sharing what is to come –  2014 promises to be quite something, starting with reports from North America and Canada in January, and further return herpetological trips to Greece, Central America and other countries planned.

Thank you for all your interest and support, and best wishes to you and yours for a very special Christmas and great New Year ahead!

Merry Christmas!



January  – Costa Rica

February – Lemur Project Interview

March – Treasure of Teaching

April – Vivarium proposals

May – Corfu

June – New field course developed

July – CRARC

September – Adam in Panama

October – Vivarium to fruition

November – Trinidad & Tobago

December – Visit by Professor Claes Andren

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