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Tobago tree-dwellers


Sunset, Tobago, 2013 (c) Andrew Gray

At the moment I’m on the Caribbean island of Tabago, awaiting my flight to Trinidad that will signify the start of my next big adventure. I love being in the Caribbean, its such a wonderful place for chilling out and recharging the batteries. Even the palm trees look like their chilling, as they lean gracefully towards the beautiful ocean.

They provide shade from the heat of the midday sun as the waves crash ashore and the surf tickles my ankles, and they break my view of the horizon with their green and yellow fronds, dividing blue sky from blue water, and golden sand all around from the lush greenery from which they rise.  As the sun sets, they also provide a recharged herpetologist with the amusement he’s regained, as the sun-soaked lizards which live on these trees flash to him with their brightly-coloured dewlaps seeming to signify that they made it through the heat of the day and they’ll surely be there tomorrow ready to take on a new day.


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  1. Feeling ever so slightly jealous:-)

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