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Green Parrot Snakes

One of the major predators of frogs, and animals of all types for that matter, here on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica is the Green Parrot Snake,  Leptophis ahaetulla. Apart from frogs, and frogs eggs, it also feeds on lizards, mammals, and even small birds whenever it gets the opportunity.


Green Parrot Snake, Leptophis ahaetulla, in typical defence posture (c) Andrew Gray

Unlike many other snakes we’ve come across here it’s a diurnal species that’s always on the move during the day in search of food. It can also be a pretty aggressive species when it feels threatened compared to other snakes, and it certainly isn’t scared of defending itself. The one pictured tried to bite several times and opened its mouth wide as a scare tactic – and it worked pretty well until he finally calmed down and we were able to get a proper good look before releasing him.


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