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Field course 2013

IMG_3890At the moment I’m busy teaching undergraduate students on our field course in Costa Rica, and over the past few nights have been taking them deep into the rainforest of the Costa Rican Amphibian Research Centre. Here the students have been witnessing the incredible diversity of herpetofauna in Brian Kubicki’s private reserve.

Being the first time in the tropics for many of the students its been an incredible experience for them, and seeing so many species in such a short time appears to have really taken their breath away – apart from snakes, we’ve come across a huge amount of unusual amphibians, including many rare tree frogs.

This area is one of the richest areas in Central America for amphibians and Brian has dedicated his life to helping conserve them. Some species that are rarely seen in Costa Rica can be found thriving at the CRARC, including the rare Hyloscirtus palmeri, which looks a little like a giant glass frog. Here is Brian with a male specimen we found last night:


5 Responses

  1. being taken into the jungle by Brian was such a fantastic experience, it was incredible to be able to see endangered species such as the lemur frog in the wild!

  2. How fantastic. What course and where are these students studying??? I would like to talk to my fledging amphibian lover about the opportunities that are available to her if she works for it x x great blog

  3. Cheers for showing us around Brian had a great time. Amazing first rainforest experience

  4. Thanks Brian, I had a great night and have never experienced anything like it! My highlights were seeing the fer-de-lance and all the spurellis around the pond. Cheers!

  5. Thanks so much for taking us into the rainforest, being able to hold the gliding frog was a fantastic experience

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