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A Brazilian trim

illegal-deforestation-for-soy-2-1As if the deforestation rate in the Amazon isn’t bad enough, did you know the Brazilian government has released its latest figures showing an increase – from August 2012 to February 2013 the rate increased an estimated 26.82%, and an area the size of 237,000 football pitches vanished within just 6 months!

Every hour over ten thousand people are born in different parts of the world – that’s three humans every second. The human population has now reached over 6 billion and is predicted to reach 9 billion by 2050. This phenomenal increase in humans has brought about large scale changes to the biosphere and atmosphere as humans rush to claim the earth’s finite resources to match the consumer lifestyle that people in the increasingly more developed world lead.

plants_985x700_25819Tropical rainforests form a lush but now fragmented green belt around the earth’s equator. They are the most bio-diverse ecosystems on earth. Tropical rainforests cover just six percent of the worlds land mass yet they harbour over half of the world’s land species.


As well as the rich biodiversity, tropical rainforests provide a home to many indigenous people with rich and unique cultures. Tropical rainforests also provide foods, medicines, and other resources.Tropical rainforests are essential for local and global climate, being most important for water and carbon cycles.

Biodiversity Banner on Christ the Redeemer StatueTropical rainforests are being deforested at an alarming rate. Each year hundreds of thousands of hectares of tropical rainforests are being opened for logging and then cleared to make plantations for  sugar cane and palm oil. The areas are also used for raising cattle by multi-national food companies. The loss of the rainforests is affecting the entire planet and needs to be halted right now. So, what can you do to help prevent deforestation?

Some tips to help prevent deforestation:

  • Look at the ingredients of cereals, cereal bars and other products you buy and don’t buy products with palm oil in unless it is sustainably produced.
  •  Do not buy timber products from tropical hardwoods  – buy timber products that have been grown sustainably in carefully managed forests.
  • Buy tea and coffee that is grown sustainably  – do not buy these products if grown on cleared rainforest. Think before you drink.
  •  Do not buy soya grown on cleared rainforests.
  • Do not buy meat grown on cleared rainforests.
  •  Do not buy products from large commercial companies which are involved in clearing rainforests for cattle ranching.
  •  Join Our Future Planet and contribute to discussions on how to save the rain forests.
  • Join an organization that plays an active role in rainforest conservation:

     GREENPEACE               WORLD WILDLIFE                  FRIENDS OF THE EARTH 


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