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Kiss from a Rose

On the very last night of my previous visit to Corfu, I was told an almost fairytale-like story about a special flower that is said to exist here: the tale tells of a very rare white wild rose which was found on the island, and of which only very few people know anything about. It was a sacred rose that only existed as one or two plants, it only flowered for a very short time, and it had the most beautifully scented flowers you could ever imagine …

Today, rather than a reptile hunt, my quest was to look for it.


I set off early, and headed north on foot towards the bay of Agni, where the tale arose (forgive the pun!) The sun was up to meet me, and so were the beautiful goldfinches, which appear to be even more abundant here than the sparrows. The rocky coastline, where tall Cypress trees meet turquoise waters, just increases in beauty as you near Agni – it’s stunning. To make my hike even more of a pleasure, many fast-moving reptiles slithered ahead of me as the heat from the midday sun started to bake my path.

IMG_3267The path twisted through scented olive and lemon groves until I finally reached Agni, where the sweet smell of Jasmine hit me as I entered the small bay. Time for a break, and lunch at Toulas, my favourite restaurant, before continuing my quest. But not before being told a secret…

The Rose

The Wild Rose, Corfu (c) Andrew Gray

Armed with new knowledge, I finally found the Rose today – stood, in all its majesty, over ten feet tall, like some mythological golden fleece, its flowers basking in the sunshine.

It was beautiful, and its fragrance was like a kiss to the senses.

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