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Treats of Turrialba


Turrialba Orchid (c) Andrew Gray, 2013

At the moment I am staying at the Turrialtico Lodge, situated on Costa Rica’s Central Mountain Range. It’s a wonderful wooden lodge set high on a mountain overlooking the small town of Turrialba and where I am always treated very well. The views are just magical, as is the surrounding nature. Tropical plants are particularly abundant at this altitude and the environment is just perfect for many orchids in particular to be able to thrive. There are more than 1300 recognized species of orchids in Costa Rica, and one species growing right here is the rare and fragrant Turrialba Orchid, Cattleya dowiana. It has a stunning single flower which is colourful and large (about 15cm), and it has to be one of the most beautiful orchids I have ever seen. Coming across this species at the very place it was first discovered has been a real treat today.

Rather than being here to search for frogs, this time I am in Costa Rica with a colleague to help arrange a new tropical field course for our 2nd year Zoology and Biology students, which we will initiate this coming summer. It’s such a pleasure to be back here once again, and this afternoon I caught up with my good friend Brian Kubicki at the nearby Costa Rican Amphibian Research Centre. Tomorrow we travel to the Caribbean Coast.

                 Turrialtico Lodge                     Costa Rican Amphibian Research Centre   

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