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Merry Christmas!

Xmas card

Many thanks to our Vivarium Volunteer Ruby Tingle for the fab card above!

Overall this has been another amazing year and I would sincerely like thank everyone for their continued support through their actions and kind words of encouragement., which I really appreciate: I would especially like to thank my assistants, colleagues, and volunteers, without whom our successes would not have been realised. Here I must give a very special thanks to my full-time assistant Adam, who has been an absolute star in supporting the live collection, and all we are working to achieve. I would also like to thank my friend and colleague Alexa, who has been instrumental in establishing much of our HE work. Although leaving the museum, Alexa will be posting on the blog next year during her extensive travels through South and Central America.

tumblr_mcrnptOB5A1rxjkwoo1_500I so hope you have enjoyed the entries this year. I also hope that we have made a real difference in the conservation work being done, and especially with helping little ones to become more interested in nature, upon which the future of wildlife conservation really depends.

2013 promises to be quite something for us here in the Vivarium, starting with a trip to Costa Rica in a weeks time, frog expeditions to uncharted territory in Central America this summer, and the development and opening of a newly-interpreted Vivarium in the autumn. With the support of all involved in Project Lemur Frog, this will also be a very important year for seeing many of our aims with this international initiative come to fruition.

Last but not least, I would really like to thank you for listening, I hope you will enjoy sharing with us what is to come.

Wishes to you and yours for a very special Christmas and great New Year ahead!

Lots of love,

Andrew x


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