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Millie’s Message

Unknown-2“Hello, my name is Millie Jo Hearsey, I’m 8 years old and I live in Calvert Green, Buckinghamshire.  When I was little I always really liked frogs and got lots of books, toys, games, anything ‘froggy’!  I love to read about frogs, make model frogs, write stories about them and make activity books about them too.  One of my frog stories is called ‘Grass Snake’s Tale’ which had Frog Police and an Evil Toad in the story.  It was made into a library book by my teacher at school.  There’s even a copy up in my class room for people to read when they’ve finished their work.

I will be sharing lots of photos of frog things with you and telling you my frog stories on my new frog blog page.  I hope other children who like frogs will like my blog page too!

Millie x                            Visit Millie’s New Frogblog Page Here!

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