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Last days of Autumn

(c) Natural History Museum (click)

Last Thursday I was at the Natural History Museum in London, for the launch of the new Educational Programme, The Colour of Nature: Real World Science. Initially developed from the work of my colleague Alexa Jeanes at Manchester, this now forms part of a truly collaborative initiative involving several national museum’s. What a wonderful evening it was, and such pleasure for me to meet others involved in this superb jointly developed project.

For the weekend, I headed further South, to Kent, and to visit a very good friend of mine who shares my level of interest in nature and wildlife.

Saturday morning, the mist was clearing and the low Autumn sun just showing itself. I was itching to experience some of the wonderful Kent countryside again. I really love spending time outdoors here – Kent is not called the Garden of England for nothing! This time we visited a particular wood, an ancient wood. Some of the rarest plants in Britain can be found here in spring and summer, it’s a very special place.  Walking through the wood at this exact time, when the last few remaining maple tree leaves get caught on the breeze and slowly drift downwards to complete the bronze and yellow carpeting below, is magical. The damp woodland smells that fill the air, the fleeting call of the green woodpecker in the distance, the huge variety of fungi growing underfoot, whose colours act to reflect the fading rays of golden light, those last days of Autumn..

The Colour of Nature        Development of shared ‘Real World Science’ Project 

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