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Leaf-Folding Frogs

Frogs of the tree frog subfamily Phyllomedusinae lay their eggs above water to protect them being eaten by fish and aquatic insect larvae as they develop into tadpoles. Within this group of frogs, there are Leaf frogs (Agalychnis & Cruziohyla) and Monkey Frogs (Phyllomedusa). Specializing in these unusual frogs, we have many species within our collection, and a great amount of experience maintaining them correctly and breeding them.

Phyllomedusa trinitatis (c) Andrew Gray

Some of our Monkey Frogs are particularly spectacular looking – our Trinidadian Monkey Frogs, Phyllomedusa trinitatis, for instance, are bright leaf-green and have an eye that contains a most beautiful gold-reticulated iris. These are one of our favourites species, although we have not previously tried breeding them. However, this week we set some up in small rain chamber and within the week they have started reproducing. Monkey frogs have a remarkable way of laying their eggs – all the species fold a leaf around them as they spawn, which is sealed top and bottom with a jelly capsule plug, to protect the eggs embedded within.

You may also be interested to check out our phyllomedusine tadpoles as they develop through Our live webcam straight from the Vivarium and viewable 24/7!    


Phyllomedusine Frogs   Golden tree frog of Trinidad    Froth, Foam and Bubble..   

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