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Xaali writes:

Ali puncha! (Kichwa for good morning!)

Me with teeny lizard!

My name’s Xaali O’Reilly – or “Ali Sara”, if you live in San José de Payamino –, I’m a zoology undergraduate from the University of Manchester and a former Manchester Museum Vivarium volunteer. Although I’m sorry to be missing all the excitement in the Vivarium, this year I’m taking a break from cleaning tropical frog tanks to live alongside them in their natural habitat. 

Blue-winged Tanager, Ecuador (c) Xaali O’Reilly

Currently I am on placement in the Ecuadorian Amazon, working as Communications Officer for the Timburi Cocha Scientific Research Station, Payamino, while climbing trees to study bromeliads and setting camera traps to monitor mammals. Other activities include footie with the people of San José de Payamino, running through the jungle, canoeing up the river, learning Kichwa, and sampling the fruits and fried delights of Ecuador. And making jam (somethings, not even the jungle can change…).

Phyllomedusa vaillanti (c) Xaali O’Reilly

Payamino is smackbang in the middle of one of the most biodiverse regions on Earth. Although I am not studying them specifically, thus far I’ve encountered an array of individuals of some of my favourite animal groups: adorable reptiles, stunning spiders, and incredible frogs..



I shan’t ramble on any further, but if you’d like to know more about what I do and my work in Payamino, feel free to have a gander at my blog: tambarikosy.blogspot.com

Payamino.org      Payamino Project Research      Support the Payamino Project  

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