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More soggy than froggy this year

Budgett’s frog, Lepidobatrachus laevis, Origin. Argentina (c) Chris Mattison

So much for trying to get out more this summer.  Apart from a week in Italy and another in Dubai, the weather has kept me indoors recently. Luckily, my friends at Manchester Museum and elsewhere have been generous, as ever, in giving me access to some interesting animals to photograph, some of which are destined for a small book on keeping reptiles and amphibians and others for a series childrens’ books on snakes, bugs and reptiles.  I will be escaping to Namaqualand, South Africa, in a few weeks time to catch the spring activity there – one of my favourite places for snakes, lizards and frogs, and this will give me some much needed Vitamin D.

After this we have another photography workshop at Manchester Museum, on November 24 – 25th, following from the one we did last year, which was well-received by the twelve participants, some of whom have had their photos displayed on the Frogblog website.  I believe there are still places available on this year’s course so, if you think you would enjoy, and benefit from, a couple of days photographing some of the museums rare and beautiful frogs contact them as soon as possible for more information and to make a booking.

Andrew, Adam and I hope to see you there!

Chris Mattison


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