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Monterey Bay

Carmel, sunset (c) Andrew Gray

At the moment I am staying in a little place on the West Coast called Carmel. Its a real gem of a place, known for its stunning coastline, quality living, and its Mayor, Clint Eastwood. Last night’s sunset was special – how I love beautiful sunsets.


Today was a blue sky day and I was at the Monterey Aquarium, 15 minutes away. The exhibits there were superb and outside the Aquarium seals were basking, and a group of sea otters were having a party. It was fabulous. The Aquarium’s huge Ocean exhibit, with hammerheads and schools of tuna was particularly impressive, as was the seahorse gallery. The layout, interpretation, quality of exhibits and animal welfare were probably the best I have ever seen for such an aquarium, and the activities for the children in particular lead the way as far as I am concerned – they even had young kids donning wetsuits and taking them into the bay on an underwater safari!


Here’s is a video clip of some unusual Weedy and Leafy Sea dragons I was enchanted by today which I thought you might be interested to see. Normally difficult to maintain in captivity, these amazing creatures were in large exhibits and were clearly thriving – if you look very closely at the video you will make out that some specimens are even carrying their blue coloured eggs.


  Monterey Bay Aquarium     Weedy and Leafy Sea Dragons    Carmel by the Sea

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