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Young Explorers!

It was all smiles yesterday at Manchester Royal’s Childrens Hospital nursery when I took a range of our   live animals over to pay a surprise visit. The special session was organized by Denise Hamilton, their Education Manager, and it proved a real delight for over 40 tiny tots aged 3+


I was joined by my colleague Elaine Bates, and between us we took a variety of animals from the museum’s collections for the youngsters to explore – including live snakes, lizards and frogs. Sophie Tyrrell, a freelance teacher who delivers the early years explorer programme at the Museum also joined us and was great with the kids. Sophie and Elaine entertained the children with super animal stories and craft activities whilst I taught the children with a good selection of creatures from the Vivarium. Doing the session for the tiny tots was brilliant, and seeing their faces light up when they saw and touched the animals was just the best.

Manchester Museum has developed a very special animal-based Early Years learning programme all around the use of its natural history collection. Elaine Bates, who is our Early Years Coordinator has done a wonderful job over the past 6 years to develop such sessions and is a real asset to our Learning Team.

I would very much like to thank Sophie & Steve Allen, the photographer, for yesterday, and especially Elaine for the valued support with this visit. She deserves much credit for the wonderful work she continues to develop with the Early Years Programme at the Manchester Museum, including animal explorers and dinosaur explorers.

Below are some photos of yesterday, and should anyone want to find out more about the superb work of our Learning Team, and indeed book a school session with us, please follow the link below:





This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To make a booking, ring Jill Anderton, our bookings coordinator on 0161 275 2630

We also hold baby explorer sessions ( for parents with babies who aren’t walking yet) every other Tuesday @ 12.15 and 1.45. The next session is on 26 June.



2 Responses

  1. What a lovely slideshow – the children all look so calm & gentle & it’s clear that they are fascinated by the animals. Great job!

  2. Thank you very much Kay for your comments and support! Best wishes, Andrew

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