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An Artist’s W Easel

At the moment I’m looking after an orphaned baby weasel that was brought back to life from the very brink of death. It’s such an amazing little creature and one that gives me great pleasure to care for. Many of the blog followers will already know that I also have a real interest in small mammals, and especially Mustelids, so I guess this won’t come as any great surprise.

Well, the little fellow is doing well, and is also not so far off being ready for release after he started eating raw meat just a few days ago. I also need to get him used to having less contact with humans and to let his wild side take over – which he’ll do naturally very soon I can assure you! However, before that happens I thought it would be good to invite Nigel Artingstall to take look and photograph him.

Stoat, Painting by Nigel Artingstall

Nigel has got to be my favourite wildlife artist, and he also lives nearby. Although Nigel has painted many British mammals, including a stoat (pictured), he’s not previously had the opportunity to get close to its relative, a weasel.

Nigel’s paintings are just superb, and are so detailed and accurate they appear photo realistic. I invite all to take a look at his outstanding work and judge his talent for themselves. After exhibiting in galleries throughout the UK, Nigel’s talent is now being well-recognised worldwide – his highly detailed paintings have recently been selling at the Royal Acadamy of Art in London and are now being sought after and collected both here and abroad.


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