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Cheshire Tortoise Day

The 11th annual Cheshire Tortoise Day was held at the Village Hall, Mottram St. Andrew, near Alderley Edge, Cheshire. This superb event organised by the Cheshire Group of the BCG is certainly gaining in popularity and this year it has attracted over 600 visitors, including families, tortoise owners, reptile enthusiasts and vets.

This year the Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic at Ashleigh Veterinary Centre in Manchester participated and a team of 3 vets and 2 veterinary nurses led by Aidan Raftery along with the Cheshire group were kept extremely busy with giving advice on veterinary care, nail and beak clipping, faecal sampling and instrument sexing of tortoises. Over 160 tortoises were examined. Species were T. horsfieldi, T graeca, T hermanni, G.carbonaria and G.pardalis of various ages. The heaviest tortoise was a T.graeca weighing in at 5 Kg! Other attractions were a display of 7 species of chelonia, each in covered spacious display cages. Species for visitors to see were G.pardalis, T graeca , horsfieldi, marginata and hermanni along with carolina and ornate box turtles.

There has been some very positive feedback on the day emphasising the educational, veterinary, and natural history aspects of chelonian and allied subjects as well as it being made a fun day for all by the organisers.  Anne Campbell and all the organisers wish to thank Ashleigh Veterinarian Centre and the other many volunteers and supporters whose enthusiasm and generosity made this 11th event very special. Funds from the Cheshire Tortoise Day together with matching funds kindly donated by Barclay’s Bank UK will contribute to chelonian conservation projects worldwide.


The 2013 event has already been booked and a date for your diary will be 18th May 2013 at the same venue. Further details will be available in early 2013 from Anne 07891283753. Email:  anne.tortuga@btinternet.com or Julia 01260 270307


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