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Classroom Chameleon

Over the past month I’ve been extremely busy teaching, and students taught have ranged from local schools and colleges to our very own biology and  zoology students. On Friday I delivered another practical teaching session based on adaptation and classification for our 1st year students from the Faculty of Life Sciences.

Apart from many other wonderful specimens from our live collection, this session allowed the students to come face to face with our fantastic new Panther Chameleon (pictured above) which was very kindly supplied to us by Jamie and Laura at Chameleoco. Our other specimen, Bubblegum, is now very old for a chameleon and so is going into semi-retirement, off display. However, he loves being handled so much he will continue to be used in the classroom during our other special teaching sessions. Our new chameleon has been doing well off-display but is now ready to make his public appearance – he will be on full public display from today, so why not come along and see our stunning brightly-coloured new addition if you get the chance.

I would again like to say a big thank you to Amanda and all the demonstrators who helped on Friday. Photos from Friday practical are featured below, and any feedback from students from the session would be very welcomed.


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Chameleoco                  UOM Zoology Society                   Faculty of Life Sciences

2 Responses

  1. new chamaeleon is very photogenic! can’t get over his colours

  2. Sure thing Xaali, this is one of the most colourful chameleons I have ever seen! Many thanks for supporting Friday, your’e a star! – and thanks also for the superb posters you produced for our Talk Series!! https://frogblogmanchester.com/about/talk-series/

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