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Who listens when a blog talks?

As views on the blog near 100,000, it’s prompted me to contemplate how far-reaching the voice of a blog can actually extend. Since starting the blog I have had feedback from all corners of the world and it’s so good when I get comments back from people – communication’s a two way thing so thanks to everyone for their  feedback and support. Because the blog is not just restricted to herpetology, amphibians or reptiles, but conservation and far-reaching ecological issues, it’s also great to know its reaching such a worldwide audience. Wherever you are in the world I would love to hear back from you anytime, so perhaps you might think about  joining WordPress and sending me a comment or question or two? It’s free, and so easy to do.

Because it’s not always possible to judge how posts are received, viewing stats to assess a response is sometimes the only thing bloggers have to do this.  However, recently WordPress has come up with a fantastic new map feature for its bloggers that allows them to see exactly where on Earth all the visitors to their site are coming from, it’s amazing  –  and amazing for me to see that in the past month frogblog has had visitors from 58 countries around the world!

Find out more about the map use if you are already a WordPress user

Not already a WordPress user but would like send me a comment

3 Responses

  1. Blogger has had that map tool for ages! 😉

  2. hi Andrew

    i am new to this but was at machester museum a couple of weeks ago on recommendation from my tutor on the animal care evening course at Salford CC. I was really impressed with the vivarium and decided to look up your site and have learnt so much already. Love it. I will be a regular visitor and will be coming to see the vivarium again soon

    Sue Lever

    • Hi Sue, very good to hear from you and thanks so much for your comments. So pleased to hear that you like reading the blog 🙂 Please let me know if there’s anything you would like to hear about and I would be happy to post something up for you especially.

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