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Shore Green

With it being Half-term holidays, this week’s been extremely busy in The Museum and the Vivarium’s been absolutely packed full of families with children. Many of our engagement activities are for kids and we have a fantastic programme of events for them. Apart from supporting learning for children one of the many things we are working hard to develop is support for adult learning and also opportunities to involve and support older people from across the city.

Last week we had a visit from some residents of Shore Green, a specialist service that provides accommodation, support and care to older people with memory loss to enable them to live independent lives for as long as possible. One of my colleagues, Andrea Winn, has been developing our relationship with Shore Green and has been working with them since May 2011. This was initiated through the valuing older people network, a city wide initiative that connects older residents in the city with cultural venues.

Andrea has visited the group in their centre on several occasions, taking different objects from the museums collections out to the group.  These have ranged from objects relating to Manchester’s history, China, allotments, and more recently with me and some of the live animal collection. This essential groundwork has been key to developing the relationship with Shore Green, and led to the their first visit to us. It was such a pleasure to welcome the residents and also Sally and Sophie (pictured), who helped organise and manage the visit last week.

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