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Wildlife Photography Course

Spurrell’s Leaf Frog, photographed by Chris Mattison at The Manchester Museum

NEXT COURSE: 24th & 25th November, 2012

If you are really interested in Wildlife and Photography, live in the UK, and are perhaps struggling to find that ultimate present, then maybe we have the answer ….. a very special weekend spent with two Professional Herpetologists and the opportunity to really develop your photographic skills through personal one to one tuition. If this sounds good to you, then you might be interested to hear that The Manchester Museum has teamed up with one of the World’s Premier Herpetologists, Wildlife Writers, and Professional Photographers, Chris Mattison, to bring you an indulgent weekend of amazing amphibians and creative camerawork. Places are extremely limited as we aim to provide a personal learning experience and special weekend to remember for all. To find out more information and reserve an exclusive place please follow these links:

Book Here for the Event at the Manchester Museum

Chris Mattison & the Photographic Workshop

Chris Mattison, Wildlife Photographer, Writer, & Herpetologist

Workshop Wows! – Previous Course which ran in January 2012

You might also be interested in Chris’s latest Book “Frogs and Toads of the World” which was published in April 2011 by the Natural History Museum in London, and Princeton University Press in New Jersey.  With nearly 200 pages and over 200 photographs, there are ten chapters: Origins and classification; Size and shape, colour and markings; Interactions with the physical environment; Enemies and defence; Food and feeding; Reproduction; Life-cycles; Habitat and distribution; Frogs and man; and an account of the 49 families of frogs, describing their physical characteristics, where they live, and their natural history.

There are photographs of representative species of almost every family, as well as photographs showing behaviour, camouflage, life-cycles and so on. Some of the specimens featured are from the Vivarium at The Manchester Museum, including the beautiful Red-eyed Leaf Frog featured on the front cover!


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