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One of the main areas we focus on highlighting in the Vivarium is Madagascar. This large island, which is situated in the Indian Ocean just off the Southeast coast of Africa, is home to some of the most amazing wildlife on the planet; It’s the fourth largest Island in the World and has one the highest levels of endemic plants and animals known. Many of these unique species are severely threatened due to massive habitat losses and other severe impacts on their environment by humans. The previous post featured a Panther Chameleon from Madagascar, and as part of  the Museum’s living collection we also display some beautiful giant day geckos and tiny brightly coloured Mantella frogs. These are displayed in an effort to give our visitors a first-hand glimpse of how incredibly special these animals are, and to also highlight the dire need for protection of their habitats. Our Golden Mantella frogs (pictured) are similarly displayed to highlight the importance of captive-breeding initiatives that have been established ex-situ in order to help save such Critically Endangered species from extinction.
Madagascar really is a herpetologist’s paradise, and over the past 3 weeks Adam has been traveling through the Eastern side of the country looking to see some of the many different amphibian and reptile species that occur there.  He is just back and has had a really fantastic trip. Apart from the many herps he came across, he also got to see some amazing mammals too. He saw a variety of different lemurs on his visit, including the Indri, a large and rare tail-less lemur that only lives in one forest. These tree-dwelling lemurs make a real eerie sound when they call, and the way they bounce from tree to tree is amazing. Adam also tells of the smallest lemur he came across in the forest while looking for reptiles, a tiny mouse lemur with huge eyes that blink independently – they must have been fantastic to see! One of our zoology student volunteers, Xaali, also finds lemur’s fascinating, and before she started working with us volunteered on a Lemur project in Madagascar where she had a superb time studying these wonderful creatures in the wild. Madagascar is one special place, but it is heartbreaking to hear of the habitat destruction that continues…
To hear more about Adam’s amazing trip to Madagascar, from the man himself, and see images and videos of some of the fantastic things he saw, please follow this link: Adam’s Page
                 The Rainforest Trust         Sponsor a Golden Mantella Frog

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  1. Great videos, you’ve got some amazing shots! I’ve worked in Madagascar for some time and still probably haven’t seen this much! I should get out there. Great stuff Adam, keep up the good work!

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