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I’ve not watched it in some time, but I use to love Fawlty Towers)) Thinking of a title for this post got me laughing out loud as I thought of an old episode where the hotel’s kitchen is on fire – if you haven’t seen it you should, it’s priceless!

Corsican Fire Salamander (C) A. Gray

Anyway, Fire, what’s the tenuous link?)) Well, at the moment I have had my interest in salamanders well awakened by the prospect of visiting Corsica soon for an autumn break. This beautiful French Island is home to a very special Fire Salamander, Salamandra  corsica, and what a spectacular fire salamander it is too! Apart from the Corsican Brook newt, Euproctus platycephalus, it’s the only other member of the salamandidae family on the island and is quite different from any other European fire salamander. It really is stunning. Think of a salamander as bright as any poison dart frog – jet licorice black with the brightest orange-yellow markings, and you have it, they are So cool.

This species of salamander takes 3 or 4 years to reach maturity and the adults are a little stockier that the normal form of fire salamander. They also seem to have a slightly shorter tail, but their colourful marking pattern makes them one of the most beautiful salamanders I think I have ever seen. I am sooo looking forward to the possibility of observing them or their larvae in their native habitat, and promise to capture the moment on video for you if and when I do. Until then, here’s a clip of salamanders at the museum which includes two stunning young captive-bred fire salamander specimens: So why are they called Fire Salamanders?


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