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Poem pleasure!

I would like to share with you a little poem I was sent by a local family, who have been visiting the museum for many years and who regularly attend our special events and learning sessions with their little boy Hamzah. Receiving the poem really meant a great deal to me, and I recently took up Hamzah’s parents’ kind offer of inviting me for dinner. What wonderful hospitality I received – and what delicious authentic Indian food had been prepared – truly amazing! It was such an honor for me to visit their home and share time with their family. The humility and politeness of their son, and the bright-eyed wonderment he has for the world around him, is such a credit to them and the way he is being brought up. It is such a pleasure to see. Also, from the level of interest Hamzah has in animals, (including him knowing the latin names of all his plastic toy frogs!) it definitely looks like they’ve a budding zoologist on their hands!  🙂

Something that struck me while sharing precious time with these lovely people was a strong sense of family value and community closeness, things sadly missing in so many other parts of our society. I feel very lucky to have such special new friends and would sincerely like to thank them.

went we to spectacle delights today

through the humbling kindness of Mr Gray

Excitement, wonder and awe all round

for behind secret museum doors we found

Lizards and snakes, frogs of all colour

presented with passion by an evident lover

to see them to touch them, to get so close

Intimacy now sealed our responsibility to those

a gift to our boy more precious than gold

a love of nature and all it does behold

species saved not by minds even smart

but by real people with a real heart

so under grey clouds with all that you do

through clear streams can they see a friend in you

the gifts were so kind and we thank you so much

a pleasure, a privilege, our hearts you did touch

so we hope you will join us one day for tea 

this rhyming is difficult, that’s enough from me 


Poetry and writings

4 Responses

  1. Just wonderful!

  2. The poem is wonderful. You can feel the emotions of the author. Thank you for sharing.

  3. They are the kindest words I have read in a long time, what a lovely way to say thank you… :O) Adela

  4. BBC i Player has two very interesting children’s programmes that are based in a Costa Rican rainforest. They include some footage of amphibians and reptiles. They are due to expire at 8.29am on Thurday 18th and Friday 19th respectively.



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