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Colourful News!

Adult female Borneo Rainbow Toad, (51 mm) (c) Indraneil Das

In case you missed it, I just thought you might be interested in the news that the small colourful toad, Ansonia latidisca, has  been rediscovered in the forests of Borneo. It was a species thought to be extinct for almost 90 years, but a group from the University in Malaysia Sarawak led by Professor Indraneil Das found three of the long-legged Borneo rainbow toads during a night-time search. The team had spent months scouring remote mountain forests for the species. One of the students on the trip saw the first specimen high up a tree, and further searching discovered 2 more.

It really is amazing to see an image of this lost amphibian, as prior to  new photos being taken only illustrations of the toad had ever existed. These were drawn from specimens that were collected by European explorers in the 1920’s. Tadpoles were recorded to have sucker-like mouths and live in fast flowing streams or rivers, so the toad was also given the common name of the Sambas Stream Toad.

More here on the rediscovery of the lost Rainbow Toad


One Response

  1. I have been reading about this colorful fellow. When I saw the first article, I immediately thought of you. It is exciting to find lost species alive and well.

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