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Environmental Awareness!

Dr Alexa Jeanes, Lead Educator

Over the past week we have been busy developing some new student programmes and arranging events linked with our new Living Worlds Gallery and the Environment. Today has seen the first of a new session trialed with students that has been fully developed my colleague Dr Alexa Jeanes. It aims to give a first insight for students doing their GCSE’s into what it entails to be a scientist studying different environments and the sampling techniques that can be used to assess and evaluate the animals contained within. It has been a fantastic session and Alexa is really pleased with how successful the first one has gone.

Tomorrow we also have a super event for all students which is totally free and which starts in the afternoon (12-4) with a Student Allotment Party where students can come for a biodiverse allotment party with live music and workshops to celebrate Manchester Museum’s new allotment. In the evening (6-9), all students are welcome to come to a late night gallery opening  with live music, workshops, and biodiversity related things to see and do, including tours of our Vivarium and an opportunity to see our live animals up close and personal. The Allotment Party and the evening  Student Social has been fully organized by my enthusiastic colleague Naomi Kashiwagi and should be great fun. Adam and I will be joined by our super volunteers Xaali and Elena on the night, and if you’re a student in Manchester, please feel free come along to meet us, our friends, – and other animals!

Please click the links highlighted in the text above to find out more about each.

Find out more about our Key stage 3 & 4 Educational sessions on offer here

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